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Animated Common Core Video 
A great way to introduce your Common Core Program

You’re invited to watch and download our informational and entertaining animated video that introduces the key principles of the Common Core State Standards. Use it to launch a discussion of your plans for introducing the new standards in your schools and gain support from everyone involved.

CTB/McGraw-Hill has taken a leading role in Common Core assessment development, since the very beginning. To support the efforts of America’s educators, we’ve developed a series of helpful communication aids designed to help schools, districts, and teachers transition fluidly to the Common Core State Standards.

DOWNLOAD the 16MB video—without CTB branding—to your computer to share with students, parents, teachers, and staff. It’s a great way to introduce the Common Core and get everyone on the same page. If the video does not download or open upon click, right-click on the download link and select "Save As".

We’ll Help You Launch Your Common Core Program